Without accurate aging reports, you might as well count your chicks before the eggs hatch.

The first thing most customers discover is just how much money they could have been saving by taking advantage of vendor terms and discounts. A versatile scheduling and vouching system advises you on how best to pay your bills to take advantage of cost saving opportunities. The recurring automatic bank drafts for such items as utilities and lease payments can now be set-up and tracked.

The proforma screen allow you to view invoices scheduled to be paid. A proforma can be ran separate from a check run. You select the ones your wish to pay in full, split for partial payment, or postpone.

A powerful direct check feature allows you to write a single check immediately, or record a manually written check. With the MICR Check option you can even print checks on plain check paper. Another powerful option in Accounts Payable is, you can customize the order that fields are entered, so you only have to enter data into the fields you actually use. This will help save you data entry time.

Credit Card Vouching
Flexible Voucher Invoicing
Manual / Direct Check
Partial Payment / Split Invoice
Auto Check Voiding
Credit Card Payment
Cash flow analysis
1099s & 1096s
Import & Recurring Entries
Point & Click Proforma System
Expense Invoicing Across Companies
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General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Purchase Order
Job Cost
Client Write-up
Bank Reconciliation
State Forms
MICR Check Printing
System Manager
Business Accounting Software
Professional Accounting Software
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