Essential to the successful implementation of an accounting system are the support programs that keep the software up-to date, and provide the customer with easy to access information.
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Payables. Inventory control. Job Cost. Accounts Receivable. Forecasting. Any of these tasks and more might occupy your financial business day. You need a tool that is as flexible and productive as you are, that can expand as your business grows and that will perform efficiently and effectively.

CertiflexDimension business accounting software will

meet those demands. Whether you're a bookkeeper, data entry clerk or controller in the business office of a manufacturing firm or a CPA in a professional practice, you'll enjoy the ease in which CertiflexDimension fits into your environment.

Divided into functional modules, CertiflexDimension, assures that our software is
accurate, flexible and reliable. Hundreds of industry-leading features are
designed to provide more timely financial information and provide you with
a tool for better control.

Even within a discipline as dictated by rules and codes as accounting is, there is room for interpretation. Individually, accounting professionals work with figures in different ways. Keeping that philosophy in mind, accountants have been employed to design and write CertiflexDimension since 1979. A practice we continue today. The result is a software system that is simple to use and incredibly versatile, with unequaled data integrity.

CertiflexDimension is consistently ranked as a top performer by leading accounting publications and in user satisfaction surveys. Proof positive that we are always striving to improve our product through creativity and innovations.

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